83% of engineers in industrial companies design CAD parts manually themselves, even though they would already be available

Survey report shows which weak points in the product development process are slowing down digitalization and decrease competitiveness

Download survey results among 128000 engineers: 6 tuning tips for engineering

Companies that want to establish themselves on the market as innovators and convince with outstanding products focus their efforts on achieving a fast time-to-market. At the same time, this shortened product development phase must not be at the expense of functionality or product maturity. This continuous race for first place can only be won if all the engineering departments involved, as well as purchasing, are operating like a well-oiled engine.

Unfortunately, the everyday work in product development is often the opposite in reality. Internal company obstacles lead to wasted resources and therefore frequent quality problems. The self-proclaimed goal of getting to market with new products as fast as possible falls short of expectations. Reason enough for a short pit stop to readjust your engineering process.

You want to get your engineering into high gear? Get a grip on your parts master data!

Our survey report shows you the most severe road bumps that make your engineering drift off the racing line. Learn how you can start from pole position, and why a Strategic Parts Management makes it easier for engineers and purchasers to find, reuse, and manage company parts, purchased parts, and standard parts.

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