brandgroup bridges the gap between its innovative springs and customers with new 3D CAD configurator

Convenient selection of complex arc springs simplifies planning processes for engineers and minimizes sources of error

brandgroup releases its new product configurator for arc springs based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS. With the help of the new tool, engineers and designers can easily customize the geometric and functional features of the arc springs. Thanks to plausibility and feasibility checks, planning errors are also effectively avoided in the early design phase.

The new product configurator by brandgroup effectively reduces the high complexity of designing and planning arc springs. The arc spring, a special form of helical compression spring, has a pre-curved or arc-shaped helical axis and is therefore ideal for use as a rotational energy store. Arc springs are characterized in particular by their long service life and are used, for example, as vibration dampers in the dual-mass flywheel of automotive powertrains.

Product configurator combines complex sets of rules with decades of expertise

The product configurator is based on complex calculations around the topic of arc springs and decades of expertise of brandgroup in this area. When creating the configurator for arc springs, it was therefore very important to the manufacturer that a successfully established software technology was used: "We decided on the comprehensive solution by CADENAS because the company has a great deal of know-how in the creation of complex configurators and also offers access to thousands of international designers, engineers and application developers," according to brandgroup. "The new product configurator allows us to address our current and prospective customers even more actively and support them more optimally in their planning." Engineers and designers no longer have to contact component manufacturers by email or phone to obtain the product information they need. Thanks to the configurator, the intelligent product data of brandgroup's arc springs can now be found easily and quickly. After selecting the respective features such as spring radius, spring angle, diameter and number of coils, users can download the 3D CAD models of the arc springs in over 150 common native and neutral CAD formats free of charge and integrate them directly into their designs as well as planning. Links to the brandgroup website or the respective product page can also be used to request a specific quote.

Error-free configuration thanks to plausibility check

brandgroup's product configurator also features a plausibility and feasibility check to avoid errors in the early planning phase. "Our configurator for arc springs and the underlying calculations and designs are based on our theoretical and practical expertise, which we at brandgroup have built up with our almost 100 years of experience. That’s why we can proudly speak of so-called Proven Engineering", according to brandgroup.