Optimized Sales Processes

CADENAS' eCATALOGsolutions can simplify your sales processes and allows you to get even closer to the customer. Offer your customers individual consulting and high-quality service.

3D CAD Models App: Sell technical products more effectively

Not only your customer benefits from an individual app, but also your sales: Mobile access to all technical information of your products allows you to find the best component for solving a design task together with your customer on site.

Video: Possible use of an individual manufacturer's app in sales

Video: Possible use of an individual manufacturer's app in sales

Collaboration platform: Consulting directly in the design process

Many components are very complex and require comprehensive consulting by the manufacturer himself. Due to our cooperation with the collaboration platform www.sunglass.io, component manufacturers can now - simply via web - collaborate globally with their customers on a design and find the best component together.

This allows a comprehensive customer service which could replace a personal visit at the customer in many cases. This way not only costs are reduced but also a tremendous amount of time is saved.

Video: Collaboration Platform enables consulting during design

Video: Find the best component online, together with your customer