Facts & Figures

Founding Year

Number of employees


Branch offices


approx. 380 employees worldwide

Augsburg, Germany


Corporate structure

Business areas

Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions

PARTsolutions is the solution for engineering and purchase to easily find components and standard parts, reduce and control them and moreover cut down production costs considerably during the design phase.

Electronic Product Catalogs eCATALOGsolutions

eCATALOGsolutions is the solution for manufacturers of engineered products for creating and merchandising Electronic CAD Product Catalogs.

Digital partnership between AUSSCHREIBEN.DE and CADENAS combines product information, tender texts and BIM CAD data on one platform

More than 1 million tender texts and additional product information are available for download on the online portal for tender texts AUSSCHREIBEN.DE. Thanks to the new partnership, building products can be displayed as illustrative 3D graphics and offered for free download in various native and neutral CAD formats. The cooperation is an important step in driving forward the digitalization offensive in the construction industry.

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