Component manufacturers, take note! 5 reasons for a CAD catalog at

CAD models in the construction and architecture sectors are more popular than ever

Many manufacturers of products for the construction and architecture sectors are not yet offering their product data as 3D CAD models to download for free. Although the ideal marketing of products with the Electronic Product Catalog based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS is child's play.

The term Building Information Modeling (short: BIM) describes a method of optimized planning, implementation and management of buildings with the help of software. The BIM models supplement construction plans and constitute a new standard for the common use and and transfer of building construction data.

5 BIM facts you should know:

Fact 1: Return on investments (ROI) from BIM

80% of all contractors obtain a positive ROI from BIM

Source: McGraw Hill Construction, 2013

Fact 2: Trend to implement BIM

Use of BIM increases from one third in 2013 to two thirds in 2015

Source: McGraw Hill Construction, 2013

Fact 3: Advantages of BIM in the construction industry

The use of BIM offers a very broad spectrum of advantages for construction companies

Source: McGraw Hill Construction, 2013

Fact 4: BIM guidelines from legislators

The authorities also promote and prescribe the use of BIM.

Fact 5: BIM demand by developers

The number of project holders who commit to using BIM is increasing worldwide

Source: McGraw Hill Construction, 2013

As a leading manufacturer of 3D CAD product catalogs, CADENAS supports, in addition to the IFC exchange format, the CAD formats Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, etc. with the help of an interface. In accordance with ISO 16739 (IFC2x3), it is a registered, standardized, system-neutral data interface for the describing of digital building models. enables you to make available your product portfolio for your target groups in all common CAD formats for the architecture and construction branch. Benefit from this offer to market your product portfolio worldwide and reach new customers and prospective buyers.

If you too wish to make your BIM objects available in all popular architecture CAD formats, then contact us at

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