Free plugin for the 3D graphics software Blender facilitates export and upload of 3D models on

Direct from the CAD system into your account on, the exchange platform from CADENAS

Anyone working with the free 3D graphics software Belnder can now receive a free plugin from CADENAS. This plugin will allow them to upload their 3D CAD models easier and faster directly from the CAD system to the exchange platform to share them with their colleagues and friends.

Unpack the file and upload 3D models directly

In the upload area of users have a button, which allows for a ZIP file to be downloaded. The file must be unpacked to be able to insert the folder „io_online_partcloud“ into the blender folder „addons“.

Within the Blender software the tab „User Preferences“ and under it „Add-ons“ have to be selected under „Files“ in order to activate the plugin „Import-Export: PARTcloud Export & Upload“ from CADENAS.

Now the tab „PARTcloud“ will appear on the main page. Finished 3D CAD models can be labeled, tags can be added and then the model can be uploaded directly into your account on the CADENAS exchange portal

The free plugin for Blender can be found here:

In addition, a video with a step by step explaination is also available.

Try it now: Share and recieve 3D CAD models

Participants of the large sharing community benefit from the enormous choice of user generated CAD models as well as from the platform itself where their own models can be uploaded and made available to other users.

Better yet go to right now and become a part of the sharing community.


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