New predefined filter assistants in PARTcommunity

Find necessary standard and supplier parts in an uncomplicated and effective way

The new “Filter & Search Assistants“ feature of the PARTcommunity version 5.0 offers engineers the additional possibility to get faster to necessary 3D CAD data on the 3D CAD model download portal.

Find faster and more targeted

The PARTcommunity version 5.0 offers engineers an additional feature: “Filter & Search Assistants“. So far, these are 19 predefined assistants that allow a global search of all catalogs for a certain component. Due to specific selection criteria, they lead to the ideal product in only a few steps. The feature may be found in the menu under the catalog list.

After activating the feature, different sections can be selected: Plant engineering, operating elements, springs, bearings, nuts, screws, shaft elements and search filters for couplings, gathered under “accessories“.

After choosing a certain section, a filter with sliders and selection fields appears that can be intuitively operated. The 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity then finds the searched parts in all available parts catalogs and lists them as usual.

Standard and supplier parts frequently searched can be found in an uncomplicated and effective way without knowing the manufacturer or supplier and then downloaded for a project in a native format to integrate them into the respective CAD system..

The assistants are continuously extended, thus a vast amount of assistants is available to the users.

lf you are manufacturer, you will now be much easier to find.

If engineers and designers are to find your products even easier, we recommend using filter assistants in your electronic product catalogs. With stored formulas, you also help engineers to avoid tripping hazards and display standard and supplier parts for the right application. Filter assistants can be individually aligned to the desires and needs of your customers.

Do you have any questions about filter assistants on PARTcommunity or assistants in your electronic product catalogs? Please contact us at or call us under 49 821 258 580-0.

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