July 2013

Since 15 July CADENAS’ PARTcommunity 3D CAD download portal is active in version 2.2. Besides some improvements concerning the presentation in general and search functions, especially the 3D visualization is the highlight of the new version: PARTcommunity is the first 3D CAD model download portal where 3D objects can be displayed directly in the browser without requiring additional extensions like ActiveX, Java™ or Adobe Flash®.

The American provider of the website partners exclusively CADENAS to offer component manufacturers and their industrial customers a comprehensive, high-level service for 3D CAD models.

CADENAS presents its global innovation: The 3D CAD download portal technology PARTcommunity has been now seamlessly integrated – without programming effort, but with a customer specific design and layout – in the website of a component manufacturer.

In the month of May 2013 the downloads within the 400 electronic product catalogs amounted to almost 7,500,000 CAD models of renowned manufacturers. Thus, the download figures increased rapidly within one year: In March 2012 the 6 million mark of 3D CAD downloads was cracked for the first time.

In the newest PARTcommunity version 2.1, users of the 3D CAD download portal now profit from the geometric similarity search of CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg. With GEOsearch components can be found on the basis of existing CAD models and CAD designs of similar geometry. This way the customer finds the desired part even faster.

As one of the leading software manufacturers in the area of Strategic Parts Management, CADENAS is currently presenting its latest version 9.06 of the software solution PARTsolutions. Many innovations help engineers and purchasers to use the software properly due to improved search functions and new features. What is especially captivating about the new version is the centralized management of all search methods. Due to expressive icons the user has a better overview and better monitoring.