January 2015

Since the beginning of December 2014, CADENAS is represented with their own subsidiary within the United Kingdom. The new office CADENAS Solutions UK Ltd. is situated in the south west of England, in Bristol.

Not only children experience that they often don’t know the right designation for something. Also the everyday working life of engineers and purchasers often reminds us of the popular TV show “whatchamacallit“: You are looking for a blue component, for example, which can be used to lift something and that has two holes with a diameter of 4 mm each.

Check out how CADENAS models famous cartoon character Minion. It was published on and it became one of the most liked and downloaded models, so we decided to use 3D printing technology.

The increasing availability of mobile apps for design and manufacturing software solutions that traditionally ran on laptops and workstations – and that kept designers and engineers tied to their desks more than they would prefer – represents a significant opportunity for improving the mobility, collaboration capability and effectiveness of designers and engineers. I think 2015 will be the year when we see a significant growth in the use of these apps in manufacturing organizations.