April 2015

Anyone who has ever bought a home, leased office space or spent time in a trade show booth knows the one immutable law of real estate; “location, location, location.” It’s why a little bungalow in the best neighborhood sells for twice the value it would see in other areas. Location is why the trade show booth in the high-traffic path has the most leads.

CADENAS Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is used in the Italian company Fameccanica.Data S.p.A. in the field of design and assembly as well as procurement. About 20 employees use the Geometric Similarity Search there for their daily work. Due to an automatic analyzing procedure carried out daily, parts diversity is reduced and duplicate copies are avoided.

Since the beginning of April 2015, a mobile app version of CADENAS Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is available to users. With this new app, it is possible to visualize the PARTsolutions system environment on a smartphone or tablet. Thus, it is the first and only app that makes self-designed, standard and supplier parts combined with ERP and CAD data available for mobile devices.

Due to CADENAS trade show entertainment, the tradeshow booth of AVENTICS and Duplomatic Oleodinamica was a real visitor magnet: Using Microsoft Kinect respectively DreamocTM Holographic Displays, the 3D CAD models of the component manufacturers were real eye-catchers, attracting numerous visitors of the Hanover Fair.

Choice Mold Components, a Michigan based manufacturer of precision mold ready tooling, is redefining and expanding their digital customer experience. With the help of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, Choice Mold Components is strengthening their online presence with a new interactive product selector on, enabling users to configure and generate 2D and 3D CAD files during their design process.

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity from CADENAS sets new altitude records: For the first time, more than 12.4 million 3D CAD models were downloaded.

It’s safe to say, the world has the design for the wheel under control. We’ve been rolling since about 9000 BC, the original designs for the wheel date back to the late Neolithic period. That’s just an evolutionary notch more advanced than the caveman days. The wheel has been thoroughly reviewed, revised and the design has been formally stamped and finalized for thousands of years.