November 2016

The workplace of engineers and purchasers is no longer restricted to one's own office. The trend is developing towards decentralized work. Mobile and stationary access to all information of the project are indispensable. The prerequisite for a smooth project flow is to have access to project data from anywhere, independent of the end device.

Bison Gear, a US gearmotor manufacturer partnered with CADENAS to create an all-new interactive 3D digital parts catalog. Built by CADENAS, the catalog will enable Bison Gear’s engineering customers to instantly configure and download the exact product they need for their design.

For many publicly financed building projects in countries BIM data is already required like in Great Britain and the Netherlands. For component manufacturers it is important to enrich their product data with Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Accu Tech Michigan has launched an all-new 3D product catalog built by CADENAS. The new catalog enables Accu Tech Michigan customers to instantly configure the exact linear rails and guides they need, and download in more than 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats.

The direct connection between manufacturer catalogs of CADENAS and the TopSolid interface will enable companies to rapidly optimize the design of their products by reducing the time spent searching for standard components.