Webinar highlights at a glance: PARTsolutions becomes Enterprise 3Dfindit

This webinar offered a comprehensive introduction to the new Enterprise 3Dfindit

The webinar began with a short round of introductions of the keynote speakers. Alen Blechinger has been with Cadenas at the Wolfsburg site since 1997 and Markus Poppinghuys from the Essen site is a senior expert in parts management and master data management with 20 years of experience in the company. Both emphasized the importance of providing a standardized, web-based interface to reduce complexity and training requirements.

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Main topics and highlights of the webinar

Product presentation

  • New interface and ease of use
    Enterprise 3Dfindit offers a browser-based solution without the need for local installation. The new interface launches in just 4-5 seconds, saving significant time and cost compared to the 40 seconds of the old interface. A centralized Google-like full-text search makes it easy to find components.
  • Geometric similarity search
    This feature allows users to find similar parts quickly and efficiently. This is particularly useful for identifying and selecting spare parts.
  • Photo search
    An innovative photo search makes it possible to find components based on photos, even if they are blurred or not optimally aligned. This saves a considerable amount of time and increases efficiency when sourcing spare parts. The advanced search also enables filtering according to specific criteria such as size, material thickness and thread size.

Integration and compatibility

  • PLM systems
    Enterprise 3Dfindit integrates seamlessly into PLM systems such as Siemens Teamcenter and SAP, allowing all functionalities to be used across all systems. This enables smooth integration into existing business processes and increases efficiency.
  • CAD models and price availability
    Enterprise 3Dfindit displays CAD models and provides information on prices and availability. This function is particularly useful for the planning and procurement of spare parts and supports additive manufacturing.

Ticket system and additive manufacturing

  • Efficient component management
    A new ticket system makes it possible to request missing individual catalog parts quickly and easily. These are created and made available by the Cadenas Content Center. Users only need to enter the manufacturer and supplier name or article number.
  • Additive manufacturing
    The platform combines the geometric similarity search with a solution for additive manufacturing. This enables the identification and production of components using 3D printing, which is particularly useful for prototypes and small series.

Proactive obsolescence management

  • Smart PCN format
    With the help of proactive obsolescence management, companies can ensure that their catalog and purchased parts are still available and have not been discontinued. This is made possible by the Smart PCN format, which was developed by VDMA and IC and provides machine-readable, automatable data.

Watch the webinar here


The webinar provided an in-depth introduction to the new Enterprise 3Dfindit platform and highlighted the numerous improvements and new features compared to the old PARTsolutions application. With a user-friendly, web-based interface and numerous integrated functions such as the advanced search and the ticket system, Cadenas is setting new standards in parts management and manufacturing.

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