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Sketch-based detection:
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Find by sketching

Engineers and buyers know what they are looking for, but often they are unsure of its name. A helpful function is the finding by sketching. With the sketcher developed by CADENAS, a simple 2D sketch of the component in question can be easily drawn without requiring a CAD system.

The search results show products that are similar to the component which was drawn. This way engineers and buyers can find their product quickly without knowing the article description.

Geometric Similarity Search:
Get the customers from your competitor

Shape based search: Geometric Search with GEOsearch

With the help of the Geometric Similarity Search, GEOsearch by CADENAS, engineers can simply browse through the available product catalog of any component manufacturers for geometrically similar parts.

The CAD data of an already existing component is loaded into the software. The system then searches through your catalogs for parts which are geometrically similar to this component.