Offer the right product at the right time and right place to the right person.

With your Electronic CAD Product Catalog by CADENAS ePRODUCTplacement will be as easy as pie.

Place your products in the spotlight

How often has it happened that your competitor had the advantage and you lost out, although your products are not only cheaper, but would have even been a better fit?

With eCATALOGsolutions engineers can find your products anywhere - online as well as offline.

First 3D journal puts its focus on the manufacturer

The special supplement of the German :K magazine, including 3D glasses was published for the first time and is only one out of many ideas by CADENAS to make your products omnipresent for engineers and purchasers.

Cooperation CADENAS & :K Magazin: First 3D journal to bring your components into the spotlight for engineers and purchasers

Here you can browse through the 3D journal, a cooperation by CADENAS and :K.