This effort is customer driven. Customers really want access to our product CAD data without drawing it themselves. All of our customers design on CAD. And they’re ready to accept our data. This is a value added service that our customers need.

S(E)O you will also be found

CADENAS’ innovative functions ensure, that engineers and purchasers
easily find the products of your Electronic Product Catalog.

Most visitors usually become aware of your products thanks to search engines. To reach a better placement of your 3D CAD download portal within the search results, not only the contents of your webpage play an important role, but the entire "package".

Therefore it is important to have a self-explanatory domain, where the product description is included in the URL to facilitate its role during search engine optimization.Gain more customers with links optimized for search engines to support your 3D CAD catalog

Because: search engines need usable information and can’t process cryptic notations.

Only at CADENAS will your Electronic Product Catalog be created with a corresponding URL. Then your 3D CAD download portal is ready for the
search engines!