3D CAD & CAE manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS now available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Smooth collaboration between MCAD and ECAD thanks to integration of multi CAD product data in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Good news for all electrical engineers and component manufacturers: SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 3D joins the long list of software solutions for CAD, CAE, PLM and simulation that offer direct access to thousands of digital manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS. Millions of manufacturer-verified 3D CAD and CAE data are now directly integrated into the popular solution for electromechanical design. By integrating the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, users have access to not only the countless 3D CAD models. They also benefit from an extensive selection of standards as well as intelligent functions for managing and finding proprietary, purchased and standard parts.

Optimized cooperation between MCAD and ECAD divisions

The electrical design situation is different from mechanical design, where not only, but above all, the geometries of the digital components are decisive. Electrical engineers need information about circuit diagram symbols, connections, component types (connector, cable, standard component, terminal, etc.) or parent-child relationships when selecting the appropriate component. The product models must also provide information on which connectors are compatible or how the installed components are to be correctly dimensioned in relation to each other. If this data is not stored within the CAD model, it must be compiled in a time-consuming process from various sources. Multi CAD capable product data based on CADENAS technology enables seamless collaboration between ECAD and MCAD, as component information can easily be transferred between mechanical and electrical design - without loss of information.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D by Dassault Systèmes provides additional support for smooth electromechanical collaboration. With the software module, design data of circuit diagrams can be integrated bidirectionally into the 3D model of a machine or assembly. ECAD components such as wires, cables and harnesses can be easily positioned and automatically routed in the 3D MCAD model. Design and bill of materials are also synchronized in real time, minimizing sources of error.

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