Successful use of 3D HTML Graphics by means of PARTcloud

Example for fast and simple use of CADENAS’ PARTcloud function

The new PARTcloud function to create 3D HTML graphics for websites enjoys great popularity. Under users can convert self-designed 3D CAD models in a STEP or STL format into a WebGL 3D HTML graphic and afterwards integrate it into their website in only three easy steps.

PARTcloud in practice

CADENAS introduces two examples for the successful use of the PARTcloud function:

The British company Poolpod Products Ltd. from Glasgow presents the 3D CAD models of their product Poolpod® by means of 3D HTML graphics, created with PARTcloud. Poolpod® is a submersible hydraulic lift for swimming pools. It allows persons with reduced mobility independent access to the swimming pool.

Here you can get to the website of Poolpod Products.

3D HTML graphics from the Website of AkayGAM Machinery

The AkayGAM Machinery co. Ltd. produces machines to make chocolate, biscuits or cakes. The Turkish company created 3D HTML graphics of their machines by means of the PARTcloud function.

Here you can get to the website of AkayGAM Machinery.


The German company SLT-Bauer from Karlsruhe is using 3D HTML graphics from the PARTcloud on its website for 3D previews of stacking frames, storage boxes, chassis, platforms as well as wheels and castors.

Here you can get to the website of SLT-Bauer.

Here you can get further information about creating 3D HTML graphics for websites with PARTcloud.