Agosto 2017

Jane is always looking for new and creative ideas to share, but she is already so busy with social media, videos and white papers. That’s why Jane made the smart decision to provide acess to her on-demand digital product information as the ready to use content that her audience needs.

The popularity of Engineering Newcomers is unwavering: Once again, the design competition enjoyed an increase in the participation of students and pupils.

Thanks to PARTcommunity embedded technology, HEB customers can use the company website to search for and configure needed 3D CAD engineering cylinder data, and download into their respective CAD system in over 100 native formats such as Autodesk, Revit, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, NX, etc.

The secret has been revealed: The WARR Hyperloop Team has now officially introduced its second Pod. With this Hyperloop capsule and CADENAS as a sponsor for the area of parts management, the team of students from the TU Munich will participate in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition II in Los Angeles in August.

Eaton products are now available on mobile devices with the 3D CAD Models Engineering app by CADENAS. This means the parts and configuration you know, love and trust are now accessible from anywhere.

To share 3D models with friends or colleagues, users can use the 3D Printing & Sharing Community app.

What if there was a solution that could make small and middle-sized companies just as happy as the big international industrial ones? CADENAS has developed that solution: Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions with modular software architecture.