New CeaseFire service enables native 3D BIM CAD data from fire protection components to be integrated directly into Autodesk Revit

CeaseFire expands its digital product catalog with 3D technology from CADENAS

CeaseFire baut seinen digitalen Produktkatalog mit 3D Technologie von CADENAS aus

CeaseFire, an American manufacturer of fire protection systems, has optimized usability for Autodesk Revit users with its new native download service. Architects and planners can insert the products of the CeaseFire parts catalog, which is based on the technology powered by CADENAS, directly into their plans as 3D BIM CAD data. connects manufacturers from over 94 vertical marketplaces and communities to over 18 million architects, engineers, purchasers and planner. Now, designers can instantly download 3D BIM objects in over 150 2D & 3D formats and versions from the many certified product catalogs, including CeaseFire’s entire 3D product library.

Users can choose their preferred Level of Development (LODs)

To match the same design standards used by the designers, CeaseFire’s product catalog on lets users choose their preferred levels of development (LODs) specification. Within CeaseFire’s configurator, drop-down options enable users to customize the 3D BIM download to match their project needs. Users can select the type of coupling, level of detail and level of development that the configurator builds on-the-fly. This is important as each user may require a different LOD depending on where they are in the design phase.

The 3D visualization of the configured product allows users to “touch and feel” the product before downloading. These interactive images are updated in real-time by the configurator and are an exact replica of the configured product.

Native Revit 3D BIM models improve CeaseFire customer service

More and more architects and planners are switching to building information modeling (BIM) for their design projects. The advantages of BIM for architects are significant; however, manufacturers have been slower to make the switch themselves. By providing instant BIM downloads to architects online – including ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Revit – CeaseFire offers planners and designers the exact product they need. This way, the customers can download REVIT 3D BIM objects natively into their design in mere seconds. Users can also download a PDF product datasheet of the 3D BIM download, which includes the interactive 3D visualization. Because of the PDFs’ small file size, architects can easily share these files with others in the team who can’t access CAD or BIM data.

Improved download services lead to more customers for CeaseFire

For planners, architects and engineers, the quality of the digital data (i.e. BIM and CAD models) is critical to their buying process – as are native downloads. In fact, 77% of engineers say access to native product model downloads is important to their part selection experience. They want to find the right part, configure and download a native model, and test it within their design. Therefore, when a manufacturer provides a better user experience and quality native CAD and BIM downloads, customers will go to that manufacturer for their product needs.

In this way, by enabling native Revit 3D BIM models of their products, CeaseFire not only makes their customers happy but also wins their future business.

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