New plugin from CADENAS perfects the Autodesk Revit RFA workflow

Connection between manufacturers and planners remains valid throughout the BIM process and Autodesk Revit

To make it easier to quickly change and update Revit RFAs and simplify the work of architects and designers, CADENAS has developed the new groundbreaking Content Plugin for Autodesk Revit.

Thanks to the deep integration of the plugin, numerous certified product catalogs of renowned manufacturers with hundreds of thousands of BIM objects for users of Autodesk Revit 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are now available in seconds. Architects, designers, HVAC experts and planners profit from the easy Configure, Insert & Replace system’s extensive configuration options.

Due to the consistent linking to the original manufacturer data the inserted 3D BIM CAD objects are always up-to-date. If the manufacturer modifies any of the Electronic Product Catalog product information, these changes are also automatically transferred into existing designs in Autodesk Revit.

Without Revit, the accuracy of product data is not guaranteed

Without plugin planner doesn't get current information.
Standard Revit RFA family technology with Filesharing

A project usually runs over a long period of time. At the beginning, the planner has access to current BIM data from the manufacturer. However, if changes to the product data are made by the manufacturer during the project cycle, the planner does not receive any information and continues to work with outdated BIM data. In order to obtain up-to-date product data, the planner must actively, independently and manually update the Revit RFAs themself. But product data can be overlooked. The design is no longer up-to-date, which can lead to far-reaching problems in project implementation.

With the Content Plugin product data always up-to-date

With plugin the connection between manufacturer and planner remains.
RevitRFA family technology with Plugin

The Content Plugin from CADENAS allows planners to easily insert Revit RFAs via Configure, Insert & Replace system. Thus, they receive a direct RFA selection and can configure the data according to their needs. The progession of the plugin from CADENAS: During the entire BIM process, manufacturers and planners remain connected via the plugin. If the manufacturer changes their product data, they are also included in the planning. The planner always receives current and extended data without having to intervene manually. This saves time and ensures that the design does not contain outdated information, which can lead to problems during the project.

Videos: selection and configuration as well as different LODs

For the functionality of the Content Plugins from CADENAS two examples are listed here.

The plugin is seamlessly integrated. It allows the search, selection and configuration of the available BIM objects in the familiar Autodesk Revit environment.

Much of the content supports different levels of development. During the design process it is possible to easily switch between the different LODs.

Download the content plugin from CADENAS now: by CADENAS

The CADENAS solution redefines collaboration in BIM projects between manufacturer and architect: production and planning data for marketing, sales, planners and architects are available in numerous languages for numerous CAD, CAM and CAFM systems. The Multi BIM CAD data model from allows the use of high-quality information and relevant metadata from a single source for common BIM CAD systems such as Revit, ARCHICAD, ALLPLAN, Vectorworks, Tekla and Sketchup.

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