The CADENAS year 2016 was a complete success

Innovative projects and exciting developments summarized in the current CADENAS customer magazine

CADENAS, a software developer from Augsburg, is always in motion and always stands out with new, groundbreaking ideas. In our company culture, innovation and the up-take of current trends are highlighted as they are one of the most important factors for success - both for the company and its customers. (See also our anniversary news and discover our innovation timeline!)

The past year 2016 was also very successful for CADENAS and its customers and brought many new, exciting customer projects as well as innovations in the areas of Electronic Product Catalogs, Strategic Parts Management and BIM. We have compiled the most important highlights and topics for the year 2016 in our current customer magazine.

Learn more: Joint Success 2016

Joint Success 2016 by CADENAS

The customer magazine entitled "Joint Success 2016" gives exclusive insights into successful projects, new developments and innovations in the field of CADENAS software solutions as well as numerous events such as the Industry-Forum:

  • Successful global parts management at the SMS group with PARTsolutions
  • World's first integration of eCATALOGsolutions into eShop & CRM at IMI Precision Engineering
  • Efficient planning of cable ducts and import of customer environments with the PFLTISCH easyRoute configurator from CADENAS
  • How 3D CAD manufacturers catalogs from CADENAS help protect your products from piracy
  • Strengthen the global BIM community: CADENAS and The BIM Hub start with an app
  • Helpful tips from the IHK and CADENAS for successful marketing in China
  • and many more
Example of the current joint success 2016 by CADENAS

The current CADENAS customer magazine can be found here.

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