Win big at the new CADENAS Challenge 2018! Become a 3D Modeling World Champion now

New challenges await the members of the CADENAS exchange platform

It keeps on going! Due to last year's active participation in the Weekly Challenge, the concept will be continued in 2018. "We've modified our challenge a bit. The members will now be taking part in the " 3D Modeling World Championship". While the logo and group are new, the rules stay the same. There will be a lot of great prizes and the challenge winner will be called the World Champion," assures Jürgen Heimbach, CEO CADENAS.

It keeps on going! The new 3D Modeling World Championship is online.

Members design their own trophy

In order to further strengthen the community and to offer a suitable challenge, the members were called on already during the last Weekly Challenge to design the winner's trophy for the upcoming championship. Nearly 20 models were submitted and the best one was chosen. 3D Modeling World Championship 2018 - Trophy

Weekly chances to win during the 3D Modeling World Championship

Prospective design engineers, professionals and CAD users can submit their very own 3D models for the respective topic and with a little luck win an Amazon gift voucher. In doing so, already existing 3D models can be uploaded or new designs created to participate. "The members of the group appreciate the opportunity to strengthen and expand their skills with the tasks we give them," Jürgen Heimbach explains. "Our moderators also provide further information and video tutorials for current topics during each week to inspire the members."

Every week you can win an Amazon voucher worth 25 EUR.