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Q3 | 2016
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Is your Intellectual Property Protected Against Counterfeiting?
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Dear Sir or Madam,

product piracy is becoming an increasingly bigger problem for many industrial companies. A loss of image, customers and profits are just the start for the manufacturers who have suffered at the hands of being copied. Why help 3D CAD Product Catalogs by CADENAS to protect your products against copycats? You can read in our first post.

Free plugin of CorelCAD makes it easy to access CADENAS 3D CAD manufacturer catalogs directly within this CAD system. Compatible with CorelCAD 2015.5 and higher, the free PARTcommunity plugin is available through the Graebert Market for CorelCAD.



Is your Intellectual Property Protected Against Counterfeiting?

fighting the fakers

Product piracy is becoming an increasingly bigger problem for many industrial companies as they are not protecting their intellectual property. CADENAS' 3D CAD models allow component manufacturers to provide engineers with enough information to make a qualified decision without running the risk of being copied.

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New PARTcommunity plugin gives CorelCAD users access to Millions of 3D and 2D CAD models

corel cad

CADENAS announces the introduction of the PARTcommunity plugin that gives CorelCAD™ users access to millions of free CAD models from hundreds of renowned manufacturers.

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200 manufacturer certified CAD Product Catalogs from CADENAS already contain eCl@ss information


Often, material master data within a company is classified according to eCl@ss. This designation helps that you always speak of one and the same component, no matter which name the respective department or manufacturer is using.

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“Provide 3D CAD data as uncomplicated as possible“


Since the beginning of 2016, the company has been offering engineers and purchasers engineering data via an electronic product catalog of the eCATALOGsolutions technology.

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Why are parts more expensive than intendend?

10000 euro

Only with competitive product prices can companies survive in the international market. The first thought is usually to optimize the purchase prices. For effectively reducing costs, companies should know initially the total life cycle costs for its purchase and own parts of their products.

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New predefined filter assistants in PARTcommunity

filter assistant

The new “Filter & Search Assistants“ feature of the PARTcommunity version 5.0 offers engineers the additional possibility to get faster to necessary 3D CAD data on the 3D CAD model download portal.

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CADENAS Apps now also available for Windows 10

Windows 10

Due to the positive feedback for the 3D CAD Models App Mechanical Engineering for the operating system Windows 10, CADENAS decided to provide further apps, like, and PARTsolutions as mobile and desktop version.

Watch out manufacturers! Due to PARTcommunity your 3D CAD product catalog is now also represented on Facebook


With CADENAS you can also profit as a component manufacturer from the big success of the social network Facebook. The Facebook Page of the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity is becoming increasingly popular. There are already more than 20,000 followers of the newest trends and innovations regarding 3D CAD models and their download.

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CADENAS PARTcommunity version 6.0 revolutionizes downloading 3D CAD models

PARTcommunity 6

CADENAS has introduced the new 6.0 version of their 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity with numerous innovative features and improvements as well as the global innovation Quick Download.

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Classification 2.0 – The Easy Way to Classify


Only a few companies have a classification system for their standard, supplier and company parts, because manual classification is very complex and above all prone to error. CARDENAS offers through Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions and Classification 2.0 a simple and quick solution.

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New MTS Sensors Electronic Product Catalog allows you to download intelligent 3D CAD models for sensors


Here, all linear position and liquid level by MTS sensors are available for download as native data in more than 100 different common CAD system file formats of common and can be directly integrated into the customer’s procurement process with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

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To easily embedded a 3D CAD model in your own website


Did you know that you can embed an interactive view of your 3D CAD models and assemblies into your website? If not, this is important news for you!

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Save the Date: Industry-Forum 2017

industry forum

Also at the 18th Industry Forum exciting presentations and innovations will be presented.

The Forum will be held in the WWK Arena in Augsburg on 15th and 16th March.

More information about the event can be found at:

10. – 13.10.2016: MOTEK 2016


CADENAS will be showing the innovative products of Afag in Hall 4 at Booth 4212 at the MOTEK 2016 in Stuttgart .

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17. - 19.10.2016: PLM Europe 2016, SIEMENS PLM Connection

plm europe

CADENAS will participate at the PLM Europe 2016 from the 17th - 19th October 2016 in Berlin/Germany.

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08. & 09.11.2016: ACE 2016 Europe - Aras PLM User Conference

ace 2016

CADENAS will participate at the ACE 2016 Europe from the 8th - 9th November 2016 in Berlin/Germany.

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Download now: The app for 3D models free of charge

Now the free PARTcommunity 3D CAD models app by CADENAS is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10.

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