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Q2 | 2017
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From 1 day to 5 minutes: Power Jacks offers intelligent multi CAD engineering data
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Dear Sir or Madam,

CADENAS is celebrating 25 years. Read in our newsletter what benefits these many years of knowledge can bring to mechanical, electrical and architectural companies.

One example is Power Jacks: The largest British manufacturer of screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and linear actuators chose to make an online product configurator with CADENAS to reduce the time for customers waiting on native CAD from one full working day to 5 minutes.

Also see how the British Fluid Power Association has integrated the new PARTcommunity 7 portal into their website.



Power Jacks customers profit from a reduction from one day to 5 minutes for native CAD data

power jacks

Power Jacks customers previously had to wait one full working day to receive a part in the required native CAD format. Through the new innovative online product configurator by CADENAS this has been reduced to 5 minutes.

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PARTcommunity 7: This is what the new download portal version offers for engineers and purchasers

Pcom 7

The downloading of 3D CAD engineering data is easier and more comfortable with the new version PARTcommunity 7.

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Do you know Ingo the smart engineer?


Ingo the engineer is frustrated that around 45% of his work time is wasted on unproductive activities like searching for components and manually inputting new components into the system. But Ingo has the solution. You want to know how Ingo does it? Then have a look at our short video!

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Partnership CADENAS and coBuilder: Concentrated expertise for growing BIM requirements


A new BIM partnership is blooming between CADENAS and coBuilder the international construction software company. Our combined BIM software knowledge enables component manufacturers to better cater to the ever-changing architectural sector.

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Travel at a speed of 1125 km/h? Students provide insights into the revolutionary SpaceX Hyperloop projects at the CADENAS Industry-Forum


Travelling from L.A. to San Francisco in 35 minutes can become reality with the revolutionary high-speed transport system Hyperloop. As a part of the CADENAS Industry-Forum convention two successful Hyperloop teams introduced their projects.

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BFPA, the trade association for hydraulics & pneumatics suppliers, integrates PARTcommunity into its website


The British Fluid Power Association (BFPA), has now adopted the CADENAS 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity. Thus, more than 460 manufacturer certified product catalogs are now available to its members for their designs.

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Brennan industries downloads increase 100 percent with 3D catalog by CADENAS


Brennan Industries clients can now download high-quality, native 3D engineering data for their specific CAD application or a PDF sell sheet with an interactive 3D model preview.

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Over 5,500,000 PDF catalog views on PARTcommunity – Is your catalog already there?

pdf catalog

The Engineering Community with its download portal offers not only 85 vertical marketplaces for clever marketing of products, but also the possibility for something more – for component manufacturers to upload a PDF catalog of technical components for free.

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CeaseFire launch online catalog with interactive 3D visualization by CADENAS


The US manufacturer of fire-suppression systems CeaseFire recently launched an all-new online product catalog, built by CADENAS. The new catalog simplifies the search and selection of CeaseFire products by delivering interactive 3D visualization directly within the product pages.

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PaletteCAD & ARCHICAD join the CADENAS team

palettecad archicad

The ever expanding CADENAS architecture portfolio now includes PaletteCAD and ARCHICAD. The new version 9.12 of Palette CAD will include direct integration of the 3D CAD download portal from CADENAS.

15 manufacturer catalogs are awarded the "Golden Catalog Seal" by CADENAS

golden seal

CADENAS continuously awards prizes to Electronic Product Catalogs on the basis of the eCATALOGsolutions technology with the quality seal in gold, silver and bronze. In the framework of this year's Industry-Forum, the CADENAS award "Golden Catalog Seal" went to the catalogs of component manufacturers with the most comprehensive intelligent information.

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New member of HKI: CADENAS simplifies starting the creation of 3D BIM data for all CAD/BIM systems in the area of commercial kitchens


Since May, the software manufacturer CADENAS from Augsburg has been a member of the industrial association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology (HKI) and makes its know-how and many years of experience available in the creating of Electronic Product Catalogs.

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23. - 25.10.2017: PLM Europe 2017, SIEMENS PLM Connection

plm europe

CADENAS will participate at the PLM Europe 2017 from the 23rd - 25th October 2017 in Berlin/Germany.

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28. & 29.11.2017: BIM WORLD MUNICH 2017

bim world

The BIM World MUNICH event will return on the 28th and 29th November 2017 in the ICM International Congress Center Munich. The conference and tradeshow with various workshops will embrace the newest trends and innovations of the digitalization of the AEC sector.

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