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Q1 | 2018 www.cadenas.de/en
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2017 record numbers of 260 million 3D CAD model downloads at PARTcommunity
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Dear Sir or Madam,

Constant optimizations, extensions and outstanding innovations are the basis for the increasing trend of intelligent CAD models downloads on PARTcommunity. Thanks to excellent product catalog data, PARTcommunity registers a continuous growth in users and downloads: 260 million 3D CAD model downloads in 2017!

Festo AG & Co. KG publishes the new online version of their configuration software Festo Design Tool 3D, which was developed in cooperation with the German software manufacturer CADENAS. As of now, Festo customers can also use the Festo Design Tool 3D online without installation or plug-in and independent of their browser.

We wish you a happy easter!


Record year for PARTcommunity: 2017 record numbers of 260 million 3D CAD model downloads

download record

The number of downloaded 3D CAD engineering data has been on the increase since the beginning of 2017. PARTcommunity is pleased to announce an increase over the previous year of nearly 25% of up to 260 million downloaded 3D CAD models in 2017.

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Festo Design Tool 3D Online: Configure assembled products in a matter of seconds


Festo AG & Co. KG publishes the new online version of their configuration software Festo Design Tool 3D, which was developed in cooperation with the German software manufacturer CADENAS.

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Elephant's trunk or a hose? You are no longer left in the dark with CADENAS Classification 2.0


An old Indian parable tells a story that can easily apply to the topic of classification. Some men stand in complete darkness opposite an unknown object and try to find out what it is. In doing so, each man only examines a certain part of the whole and draws his own conclusions. Trunk, brush or sail?

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Viessmann goes online with 3D BIM product catalog by CADENAS


Viessmann Group provides its digital catalog on the CADENAS 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity. Architects, planners & civil engineers can download 3D BIM engineering data of hot water boilers, gas condensing boilers, block heat and power plants, etc. free of charge.

Go to 3D BIM models of Viessmann

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HUGRO increases number of downloads within a year by 56% with CADENAS


HUGRO-Armaturen GmbH registered a significant increase in 3D CAD downloads of more than 56% in 2017 compared to the previous year. The German company wishes to expand that great success and, in the age of digitalization, is going a step further to digital twin.

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The design competition Engineering Newcomer for pupils and students goes into the 5th round

Engineering Newcomer

The design competition Engineering Newcomer, organized by CADENAS GmbH, norelem Normelemente KG, Bundesarbeitskreis Fachschule für Technik and Solidpro GmbH, offers pupils as well as students of technical subjects a platform to show their talent and at the same time serves as a career springboard.

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Aventics launches catalog of configurable NFPA cylinders built by CADENAS


Aventics USA, a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic products, has recently launched an all-new catalog of configurable NFPA cylinders. Built by CADENAS, the new catalog provides on-demand access to design NFPA cylinders directly within the Aventics website.

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In the course of digitalization, Afag relies on CADENAS rendering


Worldwide digitalization is in full swing – the company Afag attaches great importance to the topic and relies on CADENAS as a long-standing partner. Thanks to the Electronic Product Catalog, a so-called digital twin of Afag components is provided and fast and cost-effective photorealistic product pictures become reality.

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Güvenal relies on CADENAS to reach aim of 20% increase product sales by 2019


Güvenal Die & Mould Components offers their customers product information in all current 3D CAD formats with the help of an Electronic Product Catalog based on eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS.

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NORCAN simplifies access to the engineering data of its aluminium profile modular systems


Thanks to its Electronic Product Catalog, the French manufacturer NORCAN provides engineers and purchasers with intelligent engineering data of its products on the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS.

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Become a PARTcloud.net 3D Modeling World Champion in 2018


It keeps on going! Due to last year's active participation in the PARTcloud.net Weekly Challenge, the concept will be continued in 2018. The members will now be taking part in the "PARTcloud.net 3D Modeling World Championship".

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08. - 09.05.2018: SAP PLM-Infodays


At the SAP PLM-Infodays, which will be held from 8 to 9 May 2018, CADENAS will present his innovative solutions in the areas of Strategic Parts Management, Intelligent Finding (3D GEOsearch) and the implementation of the PURCHINEERING concept.

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