LIVE Webinar: TRADITION vs. DIGITAL – The Great Sales Duel


LIVE Webinar: TRADITION vs. DIGITAL – Das große Vertriebsduell

"How do component manufacturers turbo-charge their sales in this day and age?" If you ask yourself the same question and want to know to what extent old-fashioned approaches are still up to date, then our free webinar is just the thing!

We will examine all stages of the customer journey in a lively exchange of different sales strategies. Competing in the battle are: Felix Schulte for Team "Traditional" and Wolfgang Nagl for Team "Digitalization". Be there live to see which sales strategy takes the cake.

The opponents will demonstrate in several rounds how they attract their customer’s attention and how targeted lead generation and efficient follow-up work, before the decisive blow is struck in data analysis. Those who have done their homework in training of course also earn points in data protection. At the end of the day, it's up to whoever scores the most hits and thus has the bid in their pocket.

Curious about the battle? Join us and decide for yourself which strategy will make your sales department the winner.

We’re looking forward to your participation!


Live Online Webinar

1 July 2021, 2 p.m. CEST

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