South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF) 2020


CADENAS auf der South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF) 2020

The South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF) from 12 - 15 October 2020 is dedicated to the presentation of the industry's future prospects and focuses on intelligent manufacturing in China. The product categories include: Process automation, industrial image processing, industrial robots, new generation of information and digital manufacturing solutions, metalworking and laser equipment, industrial components and new materials.

Visitors can inform themselves at the CADENAS booth about the following topics:


  • Cost reduction already during the product development phase
  • Reducing part diversity and increasing part reuse
  • Optimization of the cooperation between design and purchasing


  • How to provide extensive, intelligent product data, like digital twins
  • How you can make your products available 24/7 worldwide
  • How to offer the right product to the right person at the right time



Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
No. 1, Zhancheng Road
Fuhai Street
Guangdong Province


12 – 15 October 2020

Further Information and Registration