3Dfindit as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

The CADENAS portals are now also available as a PWA, making it even easier for users to find the correct component

Good news for all those who regularly search online for CAD, CAE and BIM-capable 3D models of components: The data from 3Dfindit and BIMcatalogs.net are now even easier to find, because the CADENAS platforms are now also available as Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Convenience for designers

A PWA offers users the benefits of a classic website combined with those of an app. Operators do not have to search for and download the PWA from Google Play (Android), the App Store (iOS) or the Windows Store (Windows), but can install it directly in the browser on 3Dfindit or on BIMcatalogs.net. Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari support the PWA.

To download, a simple click on the screen icon with the downward-pointing arrow on the right in the address bar is enough. The PWA then opens automatically and from then on users can find components directly via the desktop icon or the icon in the taskbar. Operators of the PWA with mobile devices open 3Dfindit or BIMcatalogs.net via the icon on their start screen.

Advantages for manufacturers

Furthermore, the PWA provides benefits for component manufacturers who make their products available on the CADENAS portals. In addition to 3Dfindit and BIMcatalogs.net, all individual manufacturer portals are now also ready for use as a PWA. This means that designers not only get to the countless parts on 3Dfindit more quickly, but also have direct access to the manufacturers' catalogs from which they frequently download components. As a welcome side effect, the manufacturers remain present on the users' desktop with their logos.