GEOsearch by CADENAS makes sure that engineers don't leave a cuckoo's egg in the nest

The geometric shape search in PARTsolutions finds and compares components based on the respective CAD geometries

Geometric similarity search in PARTsolutions by CADENAS

Some components look deceptively similar at first glance, but do they serve the same purpose? It's not long before a "cuckoo's egg" sneaks into a design it doesn't belong in, causing a lot of additional work. So as to leave nothing to chance, CADENAS invented the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch.

Beginning with a reference part (e.g. catalog part, self-designed part, reused part or factory standard) or the rough sketch of a 3D CAD model you can, just like search engines, browse the whole database for CAD components. The result is a ranking list of the geometrically most similar 3D CAD parts, which are displayed visually.

GEOsearch offers numerous methods of comparison for components

Besides searching for similar parts manually, the geometric shape search GEOsearch can also display similar parts automatically in PARTsolutions. Here are also numerous methods of comparison possible such as superimposition, cross section or difference. This way the difference or similarities of the part found can be determined precisely.

CADENAS opens up new opportunities to intelligently find product information as well as CAD data of standard, purchased and single parts. The search functions have been optimized especially for the needs of engineers and purchasers and enhance the intelligent finding of needed components by intuitive operation.

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