In the course of digitalization, Afag relies on CADENAS rendering

Digital twins make fast and cost-effective photorealistic product pictures of Afag components a reality

Worldwide digitalization is in full swing – the company Afag attaches great importance to the topic and relies on CADENAS as a long-standing partner. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic and electric handling components, feed components and solutions for assembly automation, Afag has also been offering 3D CAD models of its products. Thanks to the Electronic Product Catalog based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS, a so-called digital twin of Afag components is provided. Based on the 3D engineering data, CADENAS creates digital images of Afag products quickly and easily by means of rendering and thus makes another decisive step towards digitalization.

High-quality product pictures from the Afag product catalog at the push of a button

The razor-sharp rendered pictures are made possible via an interface from the Electronic Product Catalog to the software Maxwell Renderer. Like in a professional photo studio, light sources can be defined and placed as desired. The products are rendered in a real light situation, where the differences from the product photos of a professional photographer are barely visible to the naked eye.

Rendering of CAD model

Photorealistic product pictures of complete assemblies go easy on resources at Afag

The decisive advantage of high-quality rendered product pictures is that assemblies, for example rotation modules or gripper and axle systems by Afag, need not be produced and assembled extra for the taking of photos. Product pictures based on the digital twin save both material and working hours. In addition, the high costs for a professional photographer are avoided, which in all can lead to savings of several thousand euros. Brochures and advertising campaigns can thus be prepared already during the development of new components, long before the parts are even produced.

Moreover, thanks to rendering, the product pictures can easily be matched to each other by selecting the same settings such as the end platform, lighting, background and camera angle. Product presentations come about as if cast from one mold.

Rendered product pictures at Afag come in use, among other things, on the company's website in the product field. Moreover, the photorealistic pictures are published in print media, such as brochures and catalogs, as well as within other PR measures by Afag (magazine ads and newsletters).

"We are really pleased that Afag is relying to a great extent on CADENAS as a partner in the course of the ongoing digitalization. With the help of rendered product pictures as well as automated product dimensioning, Afag succeeds in taking another decisive step towards the complete digital twin," says Thomas Lang, Sales Manager South Germany of CADENAS.

The Electronic Product Catalog by Afag can be found at:

Afag Rendering with Maxwell Rendering and CADENAS