Managing Director of CADENAS Solutions UK sets up a Visually Impaired running group in Bristol

“Working together with the community is a passion of mine”, Colin Johnson, MD

Colin Johnson, CADENAS Solutions UK helps the visually impaired run marathons

Normally Colin spends his time helping engineers and component manufacturers with their products and 3D CAD catalogs, but in his spare time he is a long distance marathon runner. Recently he has decided to help others to start running and to share his passion. He founded a running group with the sole purpose of encourage the visually impaired/blind to try marathon running.

To date they have over 10 visually impaired runners that hadn’t ever run before. Colin and the other volunteers are “Guide runners” who direct the blind runners with the use of a tether and by giving verbal directions. Colin recently helped blind runner Chris Blackabee take part in the New York City Marathon.

“Giving back to the community is really important to me” explains Colin. “Running is an important part of my own life and provides many benefits in addition to the obvious physical fitness, it helps with mental wellbeing, overcoming stress etc. After volunteering to guide Chris Blackabee to complete his first marathon.  I became aware that many visually impaired people can become isolated from society, hence I decided to start up a running group as it is a great opportunity to give something back to society. I am extremely proud that CADENAS Solutions UK Ltd can be a part of this initiative.

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