Why an App?

Mobile internet overtakes classic PC website usage

Why should a modern company have their own app?
Before we answer this question, you should ask yourself, why has your company its own website?

The big benefits of a website compared to other forms of communication are readily apparent:

  • Information is current

  • Information is available anywhere

  • Information is available 24/7

  • Information can be interactive and multimedia

An App has all those benefits and MORE

Reading and watching routines of internet users are currently in a massive transformation process. The so called „Second Screen“ in form of a smartphone or tablet PC replaces more and more the classic internet usage on PC or laptop.

  • According to the G+J Mobile 360° Studie over 43 percent of the interviewed prefer to use mobile access to surf the web

  • Mobile internet users surf longer (www.ard-zdf-onlinestudie.de)

  • For two thirds of the users, mobile internet is an important tool to form buying decisions

Mobile usage calls for adapted formats

Important advantages of an individual app in comparison to a normal website:

  • Mobile internet uses smaller screens - conventional websites can only be used with difficulties

  • Conventional websites force frequent shifts of media that create problems with mobile internet (e.g. downloads of documents in PDF or Docx format)

  • This leads to a higher bounce rate of mobile users

  • Apps are much more user friendly and have a higher usability

Increasing importance of apps for companies

Many companies restrict the internet access of their employees at their workstations to protect their company network. Product research has therefore migrated in professionell circles towards "second screen" and app usage.

Second Screen means also that searches and researches made by the app can be used parallel in the design environment on the user's PC. This is a major advantage in everyday work: The physical devide between search and usage improve the workflow, since there is no need to disrupt it with changing tabs on the main screen. In the case of PARTcommunity, this allows users to integrate parts found on the tablet into their PC CAD program without interrupting their workflow.

Early Adopters The age of innovators and "early adopters“ under those companies who first discovered app technology for themselves is coming to an end. In the coming months, the window of opportunity will close, where companies had an competetive advantage over their competition through their own individual app.

Instead, in a few years the absense of an app and the corresponding lack of experience will be a competetive disadvantage, that can only be corrected through lots of hard work and expenses.

CADENAS provides solutions


Companies with their own Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS have already done the biggest step. Based on their eCATALOGsolutions Technology, CADENAS offers their customers:

  • A professional, native app for Android or iOS with additional search and information functions
  • The beginner solution PARTcommunity mobile, a platform independet webapp with functionality, concentrated to the essentials.
  • The Electronic Product Catalog app by CADENAS has been downloaded more than 450.000 times and is the most downloaded app in this sector.

More information on PARTcommunity mobile and CADENAS apps at www.cadenas.de/electronic-productcatalog/mobile-marketing or trough Marketing@cadenas.de