WARR Hyperloop Team wins competition II of the SpaceX Hyperloop Challenge

The winning pod from Munich was developed with help from PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS

WARR Hyperloop Team

A world record for the WARR Hyperloop team: The student team from TU Munich shot to first place through the 1.25 km long test tube at speeds of 324 km/h at the SpaceX Hyperloop challenge competition II in Los Angeles. The team was no match for the other two finalists and beat their previous success from competition I. Elon Musk, as initiator of the Hyperloop challenge, even took to Twitter himself to congratulate the WARR Hyperloop Team personally.

PARTsolutions from CADENAS for the win

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions was also used to help develop the second pod by the WARR Hyperloop team. By providing free licenses of PARTsolutions technology, the team had access to engineering data of standard and purchased parts from more than 700 renowned component manufacturers at five different workstations. The students also profited from the numerous search methods to find the right parts for their Hyperloop pod, e.g. a fitting plug connector. "The Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch is our favorite – the ideal tool for the inner and outer diameter in the development of our Hyperloop capsule, to find wheels and bearings from diverse component manufacturers as well as suppliers and to compare them with each other," says Sagar Shah, CAD designer at the WARR Hyperloop Team.

More information about the implementation of PARTsolutions for the development of the WARR Hyperloop pod can be found here: www.cadenas.de/news/warr-hyperloop-team

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