Proposal preparation with eCATALOGsolutions in just 30 minutes than one working day

In just 8 weeks eCATALOGsolutions has been implemented as comprehensive complete solution of Montech AG

Montech and CADENAS

To offer the best customer service in international markets, Montech AG, the Swiss expert for conveyor technology, has been relying on an encompassing online service for more than 10 years. Important components are for example the online shop, product configurators and the 3D CAD download portal

Since 2002, the Montech AG has been using CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology for Electronic CAD Product Catalogs. In addition, the interactive product configurator for the transport system LT40 was implemented in 2014.

Less effort for proposal preparations

Interactive Product Configurator powered by CADENAS

Especially layout planning, price calculation and proposal preparation was very complex for Montech AG. First the company was given a detailed sketch, afterwards a design in the CAD system was following and at last the prices had to be calculated in the ERP system and the proposal had to be prepared manually.

Since the implementation of CADENAS’ interactive product configurator, a very fast proposal preparation is possible. “With the IPC the effort for proposal preparation was reduced to ½ hour”, says Murat Simsir of Montech AG. “Especially with regard to the return on investment (ROI), this saving of time is very interesting, since the investment pays off very quickly.”

Less effort for proposal preparations with eCATALOGsolutions

Significant profit for customers as well

For users of the interactive product configurator with 3D view window, the handling is very easy. The available standard components can be automatically installed and are assorted in the IPC as a library. This allows the fast configuring of a track section including peripheral components with the respective system specifications and settings.

Users get a PDF in the corporate design of Montech by clicking a button, which provides them with all important technical data and a dimensioned 2D layout. With the export feature, the configured transport system LT40 or the quick set system can be exported into the most current formats such as 2D or 3D model.

Moreover, it is also possible to create an offer in a fast and easy way for the configured transport system in IPC. The interactive product configurator also had a positive effect on the Swiss company’s sales. A fast proposal submitting is a decisive competitive edge for Montech. “The possibility to configure a system together with the customer directly on-site and submit proposals in no time, is an outstanding service”, says Murat Simsir of Montech AG.

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