App marketing in China – a market place that follows its own rules

CADENAS does not only take care of realizing apps, but also ensures that they are available worldwide

Whoever wants to be successful abroad has to be prepared to attune to the prevailing conditions. Due to many foreign branch offices situated around the globe, CADENAS is very familiar with the prevailing conditions abroad. This way CADENAS can position its own app software and the software of the customers reliably on the challenging Chinese online market.

Software distribution under the Golden Shield hosts CADENAS apps in ChinaSince 2003 the Ministry for Public Security in China has been conducting strict controls of internet transactions in the People's Republic of China in the course of the "Golden Shield" project. Thus many services of the search engine provider Google, for instance the Google Play Store, are not available.

To make sure that the electronic product catalog apps we produced for our customers are also accessible to the emerging Chinese developers and engineers, the CADENAS branch office in China makes sure that the complete app offer is also provided on the alternative local platforms in China. A central access point, for instance, is the, providing one of the most extensive offers of apps and utility software in the People's of Republic China.

The method is already making an impact: Meanwhile the monthly download figures of CADENAS' apps placed on the Chinese platforms have reached a similar level to the other countries with a common placing in the Google Play Store.

CADENAS does not only offer this service for its own apps: Manufacturers who are interested in a better distribution of their download offer on the Chinese market can request a corresponding offer under:

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