CADENAS breaks new ground with the first 3D journal for CAD models, in cooperation with :K Magazin

New marketing strategies for catalogs with ePRODUCTplacement

:K Magazin October 2011

3D CAD models

The world becomes the stage and your products the stars with the ePRODUCTplacement strategy from CADENAS. For the marketing of your components, CADENAS is striking out in completely new directions and causes your products and CAD models to be omnipresent. Besides intelligent, three-dimensional CAD data in over 85 CAD formats ready to be downloaded, also available is the ePRODUCTplacement strategy for new and innovative search functions, self-describing domains to optimize search machines, context-sensitive banners as well as vertical marketplaces with over 6,000,000 potential users.


Currently published for selected CADENAS customers is the first 3D journal for CAD models in cooperation with the trade magazine : Kund. Find out more about the ePRODUCTplacement strategy in the current CADENAS article of the first 3D journal in the October issue 2011 of :K.

3D Journal Editoral

3D Journal for CAD models


CADENAS ePRODUCTplacement - Strategie

CADENAS ePRODUCTplacement strategy for 3D CAD models

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