CADENAS is extending search methods in the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity

Geometric Similarity Search finds suitable 3D CAD models even faster

In the newest PARTcommunity version 2.1, users of the 3D CAD download portal now profit from the Shape Search of CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg. With GEOsearch components can be found on the basis of existing CAD models and CAD designs of similar geometry. This way the customer finds the desired part even faster.

Geometric Similarity Search finds 3D CAD models even faster.

Starting with a reference part (catalog part, self-designed part, repeat part, factory standard) or a rough sketch of a 3D model in the CAD system, all existing CAD components of the parts database can be searched as with a search engine.

As a result, you get a ranking list of 3D CAD parts in visualized form which are geometrically most similar.

Benefits of the Shape Search:

  • Increasing the reuse rate of each component

  • Duplicate copies are reduced

  • Possibility to compare suppliers

  • Increased standardization

  • Use of standard supplier parts is increased

Not long ago this intelligent search feature was only available to users of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

For more information about intelligent search features within CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, please visit:

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