Caster Concepts Launch 3D Product Catalog with Custom Caster Configurator Powered by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Cincinnati, OH – June 24, 2013 – CADENAS PARTsolutions, a global provider of 3D product catalogs and sales configurators, and Caster Concepts Inc., a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial casters and wheels, launch the new Caster Concepts online product configurator. Caster Concepts is answering the call made by many designers, distributors and users for high quality CAD models which can be easily integrated into their engineering designs.

"This new custom configurator is going to have a significant impact on how Caster Concepts interfaces with our key customers" states Bill Dobbins, President of Caster Concepts. "We are setting the mark for ease of use and interactive design capability, by giving our customers the power to design parts on-the-fly. Custom casters have always been a cornerstone of our business, and it could be a cumbersome process between the customer, the sales team and the engineering staff. Now the entire process has been streamlined, dramatically shortening sales and engineering time while providing a high level of interaction with the customer."

Caster Concepts is establishing two new offerings as part of their collaboration with CADENAS PARTsolutions. First, the two companies partnered to convert the Caster Concepts catalog of more than 20,000 standard off-the-shelf products, into an easy-to-access online catalog with 2D drawings and 3D CAD models. The 3D CAD models are available for download in more than 150 formats via the 3D Product Catalog. This enables users to quickly find and configure the exact part they need for their design, without having to compromise design quality by using a neutral CAD file. Second, Caster Concepts and CADENAS PARTsolutions succeeded in creating an online product configurator for "non-standard" products, enabling users to build their own custom caster or wheel based on predetermined parameters.

In addition to end-users having access to configure parts on their website, the entire Caster Concepts distribution network will utilize the configurator to design custom parts to order.

"We sell products in many different vertical markets. Those customers have long-standing relationships with their preferred distributors in those markets. We're looking to enhance that relationship and foster a great customer experience by giving our distributors access to this tool, to help them better serve their customers," Dobbins adds.

"Today it's all about speed to market," adds Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions. "When a customer comes to you and they need a product built to their specifications, chances are they don't want to wait days or weeks. By enabling the end customer to configure and order the exact product desired, we greatly decrease design and manufacturing time. This 3D product catalog dramatically increases their speed to market. The quicker the customer gets their order, the happier they will be and the sooner they will be back for the next order."

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