Dream catalogs come true!

CADENAS receives 20.000 catalog requests per year

CADENAS dream catalogsCADENAS wields the magic wand and gives you as engineer the possibility to wish for part catalogs that are not yet available in PARTsolutions and the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity. Afterwards we will ensure that your wish is fulfilled and that the catalog and the 3D CAD models are available for download as quick as possible.

For this we will talk to the respective manufacturer and show him effective marketing possibilities of a CAD product catalog. With the dream catalogs, CADENAS is also providing the manufacturers with a free market analysis, which shows demand for new markets and preferred CAD systems.

Let your dream catalog come true and tell us your wishes:


The following catalog requests from the top 25 were already fulfilled by us:

tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Festo tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Steinel
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg FAG tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg ACE
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Norelem tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Schunk
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Gutekunst tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Parker
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Ganter tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Kipp
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Bosch Rexroth tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg De-Sta-Co
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Rittal tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Fibro
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg THK tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Rose+Krieger
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Maedler tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Simrit
tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg SMC tl_files/cadenas/images/news/gruener-haken.jpg Freudenberg

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