eCATALOGsolutions Software Combined With Your Print Catalog = Smart Catalog

How many times have you been looking for a precise product to fit a specific need by leafing through the pages of a printed product catalog? Once discovering a suitable candidate you find the printed catalog lacks some of the precise details and pricing which would enable a quick decision. The subsequent steps to confirm the part are cumbersome. Email or phone the company sales rep to find pricing and additional specs. Contact their engineering team to confirm fitment and wait to get a CAD model sent to you for the design. There must be a better way.

With a "Smart Catalog" using CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions software the process is simplified to a few clicks with a smart phone. Component manufacturers can link their catalog pages with live product details and CAD models utilizing QR codes, reducing an engineer's specifying process from hours to seconds

Smart Catalog integrates QR codes into a print catalog

Print catalog + Smartphone = Smart Catalog

A Smart Catalog is made possible by integrating 2 QR codes into the product pages of a print catalog. The first QR code contains the proprietary information about the product. The second QR code is linked to the configurable options for the product and enables instant generation of the 3D CAD model via CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions software .

Once the desired configuration is achieved, engineers can automatically have the model sent to their e-mail address in their preferred CAD format. When a user reads both QR codes in the printed catalog, the selected configuration is created automatically. The companies purchasing agent is automatically sent a request for a quote and the engineer immediately receives the 3D CAD model by e-mail.

Be the Technological Innovator

Integrating this time and money saving technology allows a component manufacturer's print catalog to be tailored to the specific individual needs of their engineers and buyers. In addition to the customer benefits, the eCATALOGsolutions software implementation places a company on the leading edge of manufacturing trends, becoming an industry leader and technological innovator.

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