Individual ECLASS consultation on-site for component manufacturers and mechanical/plant engineers (EN)

CADENAS and D&TS, as official ECLASS IT-service-providers, support companies in the implementation of ECLASS

eCl@ss Beratung durch CADENASECLASS is the the cross-industry product data standard for the classification of products and services, which is the only ISO/IEC standard compliant industry standard that established itself internationally. CADENAS and D&TS, as official ECLASS IT-service-providers offer free and individualized ECLASS consultation on-site.

Improvement for sales and development

The ECLASS standard is especially recommended for classical applications regarding procurement, controlling and sales. Moreover it is very profitable for cross-company process data management and for engineering. During the consultation you will learn how to provide an excellent data quality to the customer and which goals you can achieve by using ECLASS:

Benefits for component manufacturers

  • Develop new and improve an existing customer base
    with eBusiness and the digital product data exchange

  • Increase the external competitiveness and the internal productivity
    with the established ECLASS standard format

  • Increase the quality of master data on the basis of the ECLASS classification
    for products and services

Benefits for mechanical-/plant engineers

  • Local and global consolidation of material master data

  • Use ECLASS to classify individual parts and assemblies

  • ECLASS integration in engineering and procurement. Securing master data quality on the basis of ECLASS classification for products and services

The service of CADENAS and D&TS is not only limited to mere consultation service. Due to their longstanding project experience by using CADENAS' strategic parts management system PARTsolutions, existing products, machines and plants can be classified semi-automatically and thus creating new data files of parts and their classification is considerably accelerated.

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