It Came from the Configurator: DE-STA-CO Brings CAD Models to Life at FABTECH

Workholding and positioning equipment leader DE-STA-CO invites FABTECH attendees to try out its new online product configurator in "true stereoscopic 3D!"

DE-STA-CO booth at FABTECH 2013 with 3D models powered by CADENAS

DE-STA-CO's FABTECH 2013 booth N1846 will feature an interactive demo area where attendees can don old-school anaglyph 3D glasses to see more than 1,200 clamping, gripping, transferring, indexing and robotic tooling products "come to life."

"We are giving FABTECH attendees the opportunity to sit down and interact with our products in a unique way," explains Catherine Auckland, DE-STA-CO marketing director. "With our partner CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, we have loaded our online product configurator onto an Xbox Kinect for the show. Customers can relax on the couch, put on their 3D glasses and have fun exploring our product line in a 3D gaming environment."

DE-STA-CO's new online product configurator makes it easy for customers to find, configure and download the CAD models they need quickly and efficiently. The configurator includes products used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive/transportation, food processing/packaging and life sciences.

FABTECH attendees are welcome to take the DE-STA-CO 3D glasses home with them. The same 3D effects they see at the show are available through the online configurator at by simply clicking the on-screen glasses image.

DE-STA-CO's FABTECH booth will also feature a number of new products, including power clamps, manual clamps and the Accelerate Collection of lightweight end effector tooling that increases line productivity and worker safety while decreasing downtime due to maintenance.

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