New interface between SpaceClaim CAD software and CADENAS PARTsolutions

Parts management for components extended further

There's a new integration between SpaceClaim, provider of the worldwide most innovative and fastest CAD programme and CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg with its Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions: Via the plugin integrated in SpaceClaim Engineer, developers and engineers can now directly use 3D CAD models in the SpaceClaim format.

Find and integrate numerous CAD models in an intelligent way

PARTsolution Schnittstelle in SpaceclaimThe CAD software SpaceClaim Engineer allows time-saving and simple designs, since no advanced knowledge is necessary, regarding traditional and feature-based CAD systems. Via the connection to the PARTdataManager of PARTsolutions, users get access to millions of existing 3D CAD models, which are found in SpaceClaim Engineer and can be directly inserted into the design.

Time and cost saving through effective parts management

The time and cost saving resulting from this is improved even more when combined with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions: Self-designed parts can be compared with the geometry of already existing parts from the electronic product catalogs by means of the intelligent search methods of GEOsearch (topology, similarity, unmachined part and sketch search etc.). This way developers don't always have to re-invent the wheel and companies save production and storage costs for redundant parts.

SpaceClaim is a market leader for solutions regarding 3D direct modeling in the fields of automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and machine tools.

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