PARTcommunity 2.2 sets standards

In its latest version the CADENAS' 3D CAD model download portal is the first worldwide to offer 3D CAD visualization without installing extensions

3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity 2.2 WEBGL ViewerSince 15 July CADENAS' PARTcommunity 3D CAD download portal is active in version 2.2. Besides some improvements concerning the presentation in general and search functions, especially the 3D visualization is the highlight of the new version: PARTcommunity is the first 3D CAD model download portal where 3D objects can be displayed directly in the browser without requiring additional extensions like ActiveX, Java™ or Adobe Flash®. This way CADENAS once more sets standards in the fields of user-friendliness and functionality.

This is made possible through the HTML 5 based WebGL viewer which is set to default as standard viewer for all current browsers (MS Internet Explorer not until version 11). At the same time the portal stays compatible downwards as well and allows use of the previous Active X viewers. Thus users with older browser versions continue to be able to access the electronic manufacturer catalogs.

Always up-to-date

TOP 10 part downloads at 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity 2.2Another feature of the development is the dynamic updating of catalogs: With the new version catalog changes and –extensions are continually uploaded and immediately available. Moreover a portlet in the portal area informs about the top 10 downloads of the previous four weeks and a fade-out banner on top of the page informs on news and developments.

Also the range of functions concerning statistics was significantly improved: Now charts can be displayed via Google Chart API, so besides traditional bar- and pie charts it is possible to create maps of trend developments. PARTcommunity 2.2 also makes the implementation of calculation assistants easier. By means of simple rules an assistant can be created that directly suggests the user a choice of suitable components for his project.

Success through consistent development

The most recent update is only another step in a long line of consistent developments, where CADENAS customizes the 3D CAD model platform according to the needs of the users and continuously sets trends. This way the free download portal – published in 1998 under the name PARTserver- has been constantly extended by innovative functions for 15 years now. However, the vision CADENAS pursued when creating the download portal has always stayed the same: To help engineers find the desired component faster and easier.

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