Sugatsune Adds 3D Configurator to Boost their Online Catalog Offering, powered by CADENAS

CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC and Sugatsune, a manufacturer of high-quality architectural hardware, including stainless steel hinges, slides, stays and latches, announce the launch of Sugatsune's online 3D product catalog and CAD modeling tool. Sugatsune upgraded from their previous online configurator, moving to the most advanced 3D CAD and online product catalog technology available, powered by CADENAS. With their new embedded configuration platform and 3D PDF data sheets, Sugatsune is able to improve the customer experience by providing their customers with the latest tools and technology.

Sugatsune added the CADENAS embedded product catalog to their website to better meet the needs of their customers.

"Working with designers, engineers and architects means we have a variety of CAD platforms and formats we need to be prepared to service at a moment's notice," says Steve Hirasawa, Sales Manager of Sugatsune. "Working within the CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions platform gives us the flexibility to supply models of our products to a broad customer base. We know that furniture manufacturers won't necessarily use the same CAD system as an enclosure or instrumentation manufacturer. It's great that CADENAS offers us the ability to make our products available to design engineers in over 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats, versions & revisions."

In the past, the Sugatsune product configurator was not only limited by the supported file formats, but was built as an external component of the website. When customers clicked to design and download a part, they were directed to a pop-up window which took them to another site, outside the Sugatsune domain.

Rob Zesch, President of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, adds, "CADENAS PARTsolutions consulted with Sugatsune to identify areas of improvement by implementing the CADENAS embedded configurator technology into Sugatsune's website. Upgrading their site with our new embedded 3D product catalog means Sugatsune's customers will have the best possible experience, resulting in satisfied customers with product data desired and maximized conversions to sales."

Currently, Sugatsune has over 1,500 manufactured architectural and industrial components available through their on-line configurator. To view the catalog visit: (Architectural) (Industrial)

Sugatsune 3D product catalog by CADENAS

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