Sunglass Partners with CAD Part Solutions Provider, CADENAS, to Bring Over 1 Million 3D Manufacturing Parts to the Cloud for Faster Design Production

Launching the first-ever cloud-based parts library, Sunglass gives users instant access to parts from 400 top-tier suppliers including SMC and Bosch

This is the world’s first interactive application with the ability to integrate an enterprise-grade manufacturing library directly into the 3D design environment.SAN FRANCISCO, May 24th 2013. Today Sunglass, the easiest way to collaborate, manage and showcase 3D designs in the cloud, is launching the Sunglass Parts Library, an application on its Web-based platform which will give engineers access to over one million 3D manufacturing parts that can be dragged and dropped directly into web projects. This library is made possible through an exclusive partnership with CADENAS, a leading software developer for Strategic Parts Management and provider of electronic computer-aided design (CAD) catalogs.

This is the world's first interactive application with the ability to integrate an enterprise-grade manufacturing library directly into the 3D design environment. Through its partnership with CADENAS, Sunglass will now supply users with instant access to top-quality parts from over 400 top component manufacturers including ABB, Buhler, Eaton, FlexLink, HBM, IDEC, Mädler, Bosch Rexroth, Schneider Electric, Schunk, SMC, Toshiba, Würth, Yamaha and Yokogawa. Parts span categories such as spring, motor and gear, cylinder and shock absorber, hydraulics, automation, tool, plant design, electrical engineering and more.

Selecting and integrating manufacturing parts into designs has until now been a tedious process that involved ordering the catalog from the supplier and having it shipped in a CD format to then be loaded onto the desktop, completely separate from the actual CAD environment. With this launch, Sunglass makes this a more seamless, intuitive selection experience that works within the existing design workflow. Now a designer in need of a motor to finish a product can easily pull it directly from the Sunglass Parts Library while staying within their design workspace in Sunglass. This will save designers a tremendous amount of time, and ultimately enable products to ship faster.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to transform our extensive catalog of CAD parts into the first ever interactive parts library application on the web," said CADENAS CEO Jürgen Heimbach. "Sunglass provides the ideal platform for millions of engineers from 199 countries who work with our suppliers, and we truly believe that the parts library app will exponentially increase the rate at which designs are physically produced."

"Our partnership with CADENAS has enabled us to build on the Sunglass platform and create a rich design tool that will help designers working collaboratively across the globe to speed up production," said Sunglass co-founder and CEO Kaustuv DeBiswas. "This is an extremely powerful application with the potential to change the way the $4 trillion manufacturing industry works, and generate new businesses online."

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