The new PARTcommunity version 2.0 revolutionizes search facilities

The only 3D CAD download portal with geometric shape search capabilities

The new version 2.0 of the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity is online! It has never been so easy to find and download 3D CAD models. By means of the geometric similarity search, as well as searching with a 2D sketch you will find 3D CAD models in the absence of words and can integrate them directly into your CAD system.

Moreover the new PARTcommunity 2.0 Portal is offering a new design and a variety of astonishingly innovative features and possibilities for users and producers. Downloading 3D CAD data becomes much easier and more comfortable for the user and sets world record-breaking standards.

3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity 2.0

Your benefits of PARTcommunity 2.0

  • Effecitve immediately, the login data can be used for all PARTcommunity download portals. Thus registration is only necessary once.
  • 3D CAD data can be imported directly into the CAD system with the PART2CAD feature without buffering.
  • Optimized search facilities make it easier to find 3D CAD data, for example searching with a 2D sketch and the geometric similarity search.
  • New navigation and an extended menu help downloading 3D CAD models much easier and even faster.
  • The new customer friendly design provides a clear layout.

Check it out now!

Find out about the benefits of PARTcommunity 2.0. Got to:  As usual, you can sign up with your login data in our 3D CAD download portal. On our portal there are also additional CAD formats available now. We would like to ask you to choose your preferred CAD format after logging in.

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