The complex analysis and reasearch effort can be reduced by 50 % by using PARTsolutions. Offers are prepared more quickly and risky products are recognized and rated already during the offer preparation, due to a significantly more solid database.
Markus Deuter
Project Manager

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing is a procurement process with the aim to use international supplier sources. However, the supplier should not be chosen because of  low prices since the transport is often more expensive than the goods itself.

Consider the production location when selecting your supplier

The product is developed in Germany, the components ordered from a cheap inland supplier and the parts are then sent halfway around the world to the actual production site.

Global Sourcing with Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions

When choosing a product, one should always consider suppliers who have international sites and can supply production sites locally. This way transport expenses can be reduced.

With PARTsolutions your parts don´t fly around the globe

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions supports you to choose global suppliers and built up long-term and promising business relationships with them.

Each supplier is listed with his corresponding country. Thus one can see if the supplier has international sites and if they delivery directly abroad.

Choice of location with CADENAS´ PARTsolutions

In times of globalization it is an important business strategy of many companies to enter new markets. The Strategic Parts Management supports you, by providing important information about the validation when choosing the right location.