CADENAS is the tool that was missing to make an official link between the ERP, CAD and PDM systems.
Alexis Rivaud,
Tool, data and process analyst - Enterprise
Product Data Management

Make or Buy

Many companies still create a large portion of single parts themselves, although supplier parts are available on the market. Increasing the use of supplier parts creates spare production capacities which allows companies to concentrate more on their core competencies.

Reduce your production costs by 40%

Before deciding on »Make Or Buy« one should analyze first, if there is a special know-how about production of certain parts within the company and which parts can be purchased from a supplier.

If you compare the internal production costs with those of manufacturers for standard parts, especially in neighbouring countries, you can easily save over 40% of your expenses for standard parts.

PLM and ERP are not sufficient for analysis

To answer the question »Make Or Buy« the information of the PLM and ERP systems is not sufficient.

Make or Buy: With CADENAS PARTsolutions you make the right decision

Only with Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions they can think outside the box and find and implement same or similar parts in the external parts world.