Maverick Buying

Definition of Maverick

The term maverick stems from the name of the lawyer, politician and cattle breeder Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870) who did not brand his cattle. Thus, unbranded cattle was generally known as a Maverick cattle. In the English language, a maverick is a person who thinks and acts independently, a non-conformist or rebel.

Maverick Buying

Maverick buying or wild purchase is a term out of supply management. One talks about maverick buying when a department buys materials or services independently, without incorporating the purchasing department. In other words, maverick buying is the purchasing outside of standard procurement processes.

CADENAS PARTsolutions avoids Maverick Buying

Consequences of Maverick Buying

  • Missing price comparisons

  • Multitude of different suppliers

  • Higher prices due to missing or badly lead negotiations
    and smaller quantities

  • Missing framework agreements

CADENAS´ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions looks at the whole parts world as well as preferred parts and -suppliers, thus you enable your engineers to choose parts within a reasonable selection.